Two important events to-day

1. WebSite-Watcher App for Android / iOS. The WebSite-Watcher App is available as a Freeware Edition and a Pro Edition. The Freeware Edition is limited to 5 bookmarks, the Pro Edition can monitor up to 50 bookmarks. The module “WSW-for-Windows” module is completely available in both editions.

2. WebSite-Watcher 2018 (18.0)

WebSite-Watcher 2018 is available! Simply download from and install this new version over the existing version. Installing this major new version requires an active Update Subscription.
Basic Edition :
Personal Edition :
Business Edition :
Site License :
Enterprise License :

Have a lot of fun 🙂


Quick illustrated review of Website-Watcher

Here is an illustrated review of what Website-Watcher can do for you:

A multi language portal exists for your convenience:

Screenshots (please click on image to see a bigger one)

Monitor web pages
Web page with highlighted changes.
Monitor a forum
Forum with new postings and replies.
Monitor an RSS feed
RSS feed with new postings.
Monitor local directories
Local directory with changed files.
Monitor Newsgroups
Newsgroup with new postings.
Monitor local directories
Newsgroup – threaded view.
Bookmark-Properties with many options
Bookmark-Properties with entered keywords.
Additional actions, for example to send emails
Additional actions, for example to send e-mails.

Download WebSite-Watcher 2017 (17.2)

Download WebSite-Watcher

WebSite-Watcher Icon WebSite-Watcher 2017 (17.2)

Download  (31 MB)     Mirror  (31 MB)

Supported operating systems:
Windows 10, Win8, Win7, Vista, XP
32-bit & 64-bit

Version History

Same setup package for 32/64bit version.

Update info: If you install a new version, do not uninstall your existing copy of WebSite-Watcher – just install the new version over the old one.

Have a lot of fun!

Oyé Oyé! Website Watcher Version 17.2 is available!

This will be displayed in your Website Watcher language selected whenever you restart the program *or* if you go to the Help menu and check for new version:

Click on “Install Now”

The files will be downloaded and you may now click on “Install”

The process will continue with no intervention.

Website Watcher will be launched automatically  after installation.


Version history Website Watcher 17.2

Version 2017 (17.2)   –   25-Aug-2017

  • [+] Troubleshooting: Convert to simple HTML version (This option converts the page into a very simple version. You can use that option if the checked page cannot be displayed or if opening the bookmark causes a crash).
  • [x] Various performance improvements
  • [x] Performance boost when checking very large pages
  • [+] Filter Assistant: Find function (Ctrl+F) works for Ignore and Watch filters
  • [+] Bookmark properties / Advanced / Open page: New options “Tile vertically” and “Tile horizontally”
  • [+] Custom colums: New variable to display entered BCC e-mails
  • [+] .xlsm files can be checked via Excel plugin
  • [+] Bookmark properties: If the option “Delay after page has loaded” is activated, WebSite-Watcher automatically suggests 10 seconds
  • [+] Plugins: New function AddSlash
  • [+] Plugins: Bookmark_GetProperties supports 4 new fields: “ignore_filter”, “watch_filter”, “ignore_filter_unused” and “watch_filter_unused”
  • [+] Restore previous version also restores old change date
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More types of buttons supported
  • [x] When recording a new macro, WebSite-Watcher automatically pre-selects the option “Internet Explorer Macro”
  • [x] Improved support of links with anchors
  • [+] Report/Export works with Virtual Folders when the Folder View is selected
  • [+] New program tweak: HighlightChangesExactHigh=1 – Improves accuracy of the highlight method “Excact”. This tweak uses a more exact algorithm to highlight different words in similar paragraphs. This method requires more resources and might work a bit slower. Use it only if the default behavior of the “Excact” method is not accurate enough.
  • [-] .xlsx files could not be converted under rare circumstances
  • [-] Running AutoBackup could cause a crash under certain circumstances
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher could crash when using the program tweak ActionsSendMailAttachAsZip=1
  • [-] Report/Export: Links in extracted changes could be broken under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Have fun 🙂

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